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Reining Professionals is an industry body establishing and governing standards for professional reining trainers in Australia. Members agree to uphold ethical treatment of horses in their training programmes and and undertake continued education in the form of clinics, seminars and overseas studies to improve their service to their clients and develop the reining horse industry in general.


A Reining Professional’s primary responsibility is to provide the highest quality service to their clients. They are to operate in a professional manner and at all times act with the highest degree of integrity. The list of Professionals below hold full financial membership and agree to be bound by the rules of the Reining Professionals 'Code of Ethics’.

Listed are accredited trainers located in Queensland.

Backhouse Training Stables

Kandanga QLD

0408 843 259

Leanne Bartlett
Canungra Qld

Ph: 0412 505 253

Scott Burnett

Gympie QLD

Ph: 0427 020 773

Rod Osbourne

Antigua. QLD

Ph: 0428883396



Ben Ryan
Ryan Performance Horses
Laceys Creek QLD

Ph: 0488502478


Jason Russell

39182 Burnett Hwy,

Thangool QLD 4716

Ph: 0488 415 642


Ed Smith
Calliope Qld

Ph: 0404 465 280


John Wicks
Canungra Qld

Ph: 07 5543 0281

Glenn Wyse

Beachmere QLD

Ph: 0419 213 912

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