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We are pleased to offer our 2022 PCRS Sponsorship package.

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Karen Lowe - 0458 307 566


Leonie Kingdon - 0409 000 600


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Donnie McLaughlin (QLD)

Susan Frost (TAS)


Framed Forever Fotos


Joe McInally

PCRS 2020 - Cancelled

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PCRS 2017

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PCRS 2016

QXH Docs Stylish Oak ridden by Shaun Saunders
Lilmissnoitall ridden by Dennis Neylon
Onya Ima Cool Step ridden by John Wicks
Ruf Tucker ridden by Jo McConnell
RKN Two Eyed Kid ridden by Thea Griffin
Onya Wozza ridden by Sidney Paech
Onya Wotshername ridden by Ben Ditzel
Neridah Leishman & Crown K Bronzed Hank Fresstyle Winners
Shiney Nu Addition ridden by Errol Thomas
Me Lil Beamer ridden by Jack Daniels
Missin Dun It ridden by Angela Murray
My Chics No Wimp ridden by Leonie Kingdon
My Chics No Wimp ridden by Leonie Kingdon (3)
Lil Miss Genius ridden by Erin Neylon
Lil Miss Wimpy ridden by Warren Backhouse
Janies Whiz Kid ridden by John Wicks
ME Lil Mercedes Chic ridden by Paul Sharp
Migs Shez Dynamite ridden by Sharon Leddington Hill
Lyrics Custom Corey ridden by Kasey Bogie
Jessie's Dreamchaser ridden by Brooke Sestero
Do Me A Favour ridden by Neville Connelly
Diamonds R Hot ridden by Ben Ryan
Checkout Hollywood ridden by Kathleen Murphy
_FOD6629 copy_548x365_1125274
Determinated ridden by Melanie Lindsay
Chickie Lena ridden by Jessica Watson
_PRT6895 copy_365x548_1125273

PCRS 2015

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